Have you ever wondered what it takes to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur?

What it would take to be your own boss, nurturing your own idea?

Well, they say one can never be an entrepreneur without the courage, the guts, the mindset to be one.

The generalization being that employees are followers, and entrepreneur are leaders!

But there are also entrepreneurial employees, ones who know when it’s time to follow someone else’s lead.

However, when it comes to a worker’s mindset.

There are only two types of mindset:

First, workers with employee mindset, the followers.

Second, workers with entrepreneur mindset, the leader.

Let’s dig into it deeper,

employee vs entrepreneur mindset

Employee vs Entrepreneur mindset is something can be put to perspective by following ;

Employee mindset:

1.) When things go wrong, or the economy goes down. I will either blame myself or I will blame economy or government.

2.) I try to grab things all by my own.

3.) For me, most important is job guarantee. I always look forward to a job that provides me a secure platform.

4.) I fear failures.

5.) I always rely on others. Because I know there will be someone to do the task always.

6.) I seek help whenever I have to choose for direction.

7.) I am specialist in my particular field.

8.) I am the one who executes the plan.

9.) I am self-conscious of what others think of me.

10.) I have a proper schedule, and I follow my time table.

Entrepreneurs mindset :

1.) I am responsible for everything.

2.) I have to make plans and execute them with proper strategy.

3.) I don’t have any work schedule I work 24*7.

4.) I choose freedom over working for money.

5.) I focus on the solution, not problems.

6.) Failures are my learning stones.

7.) I believe in self-development. I try to educate myself in every field.

8.) I don’t need to know everything to get started but I need to get started to be great.

9.) I believe in the win-win situation.

10.) I believe in abundance mentality.

One has to understand that entrepreneurs are born, not made.

It’s the mindset they build to become one.

You need to develop an entrepreneur mindset, before you can even think about succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Now that you know the difference between employee mindset and entrepreneur mindset, you should be working on your mindset, habits and comfort levels.

You never know, when you might just become one.


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